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VACCINATIONS:Current vaccinations for RABIES , DISTEMPER (DHLPP, DA2PP OR DHLP) & BORDETELLA are mandatory. You can bring papers from your vet or ask your vet to fax them to us at 413-525-1364.  Due to an incubation period  of 5-10 days for most illnesses & because it takes up to 15 days for illnesses to show up, we recommend all vaccinations/veterinarian visits be completed at least 15 days prior to boarding.  All pets boarding must be at least 6 months old.  These rules are for your pets protection!


Dogs:  $30 per day.   The $30 per day rate covers only the cost of boarding your pet. It does not cover grooming or activities. We have alot of additional add ons that you can add on while your pet is with us. You may also be interested in the all inclusive package below.

If you are okay with it and we have a match, we might be able to pair your pet up with another pet for companionship, but we don’t have to and will not on the pets first stay with us.


ALL INCLUSIVE  Signature Dog Boarding Packages  (more available below for every day)

Be sure to let the reception staff know that you are interested in taking part in this package, or you will only get standard boarding.

      • All Inclusive Dog Boarding Packages On Your Schedule….

*** Each day’s price includes: boarding, 20 minutes of play time daily, bed rental, bath & nail clipping before going home, bed time snack and either an ice cream or a filled Kong every third day.

**** Make it a SPA day for an additional $25. SPA Day includes, ear cleaning, brushing and light massage. ****

2 days / 1 night – $110                                                           9 days / 8 nights- $375

3 days / 2 nights – $160                                                      10 days / 9 nights – $410

4 days / 3 nights – $205                                                         11 days / 10 nights – $450

5 days / 4 nights – $255                                                        12 days / 11 nights – $480

6 days / 5 nights – $280                                                         13 days / 12 nights – $525

7 days / 6 nights – $305                                                        14 days / 13 nights – $560

8 days / 7 nights – $340                                                         15 days / 14 nights – $600


FOR ALL BOARDING, you are charged for the day of drop-off regardless of the time of drop off.  If you pick up before 10 am there will be no charge, but if you pick up after- charges incur.


Your pet will be taken out into our 1/4 acre fenced in yard for the opportunity to play one on on with a member of our staff.

$5 for each 10 minute session

$7 for each 20 minute session

$9 for each 30 minute session

Group Play Times Available – $7.00 for a 45 minute session.


Web Cam Access – $5 per day

Text / Email Picture – $4 per message

Ice Cream Social – $3.00 per ice cream

Stuffed Frozen Kong – $3.00 per treat

Coolaroo Bed Rental – $3.00 per day (raised bed to keep your pet off the floor)

Thermo Pet Self Warming mat – $4.00 per day

Combine a Coolaroo Bed and Self Warming Mat for $6 per day

Bed Time Snack – $3.00 per treat

Birthday Pup Cake – $3 per treat


20 days for $560

30 days for $810

40 days for $1040

50 days for $1250

60 days for $1440

some exclusions and conditions apply… please talk to the kennel reception staff for more details.

We provide a nutritionally complete adult meal.  If your pet requires a special diet, or you want to keep your pet on the same diet to avoid stomach upset. Please provide us with the food, specific detailed instructions & the dogs name on the bag.

If your pet requires medication during their stay, you must provide us with the medication, specific detailed instructions & your vet must be aware you are kenneling your pet.

You may bring in something small for your pet to sleep on, and 1 to 2 toys & treats.  However, keep the bedding simple and washable in a standard washing machine.  We are NOT responsible for any lost or damaged personal property.  Please label the pets name on all belongings in permanent marker.  We reserve the right to remove or not use certain bedding, toys, etc for safety reasons.

Real cow bones, sleeping bags, comforters, queen or king blankets, very small toys (swallowing hazard).  Sometimes pets chew in a different environment even if they don’t usually chew at home, we will not be responsible for what your pet does with the toys/ bedding you provide.

On drop-off day, you’ll be required to fill out a New Customer Info Sheet and provide us with an emergency number, and a secondary contact in case of an emergency.
If you’d like to save time, download the  New Customer Form and fill it out before you arrive.



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