As East Longmeadow’s premier pet boarding, grooming, and day care provider we strive to give your pet a clean & safe environment and an enjoyable stay.  Our day with your pet starts between 7:30 – 8 a.m. and we tuck them in by 9 p.m.  During this time they are fed, pens are thoroughly cleaned (inside & out) and water bowls are cleaned & filled.  They are let out into their outside run every 2-3 hours (for 5-30 minutes) depending on weather conditions.

We welcome & recommend an informal visit prior to boarding any time during our normal business hours. NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED!

  We look forward to caring for your pet.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

A little bit about us:

The main kennel was built in 1935 by Dwight W. Ellis a textile factory owner with factories in Springfield and Monson. The kennel operated under the name of Maridor Kennels, named after Maridor restaurant in Framingham, MA. Mr. Ellis raised English Setters and his dog “Max” was the first English Setter to ever win best in show at the world’s largest dog show in 1937. Charlie Palmer was the handler for Mr. Ellis at the dog shows. Mr. Palmer ended up buying the kennel in 1937 and changed the name to Palmer’s Kennels. He had an employee named John Bortle who he unofficially adopted, and when it was time for Mr. Palmer to retire, John bought the kennel. In the 80’s Mr. Bortle added on to the kennel with the addition of what we refer to as the “Hilton”. In the early 90’s the kennel was sold again to a partnership with Warner Cross being the President and Kennel Manager. Soon after the sale, the kennel changed its name again to what it is known today, Porter Road Pet Care. In May of 2017 the business was sold to Kate and her Husband Paul Morrissey who was Mr. Cross’s very first employee.

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